Financial Wellness for your Employees

 We help you provide Financial Wellness Education and Support for your Employees so that they can get clarity on their financial wellbeing and improve their productivity

"Only 2 in 10 employees are satisfied with the efforts of their employer in helping them manage their finances" (Barclays YouGov Survey, 2017)

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The courses are simple for your employees to follow and they can also assess what they have learned after each module



Premier Life - Financial Success Path


  • Healthy Finances Success Path                                                                More Info

Premier Life - Employee Wellness Library

  • Financial Planning for Employees                                                            More Info
  • Retirement Planning for Employees                                                       More Info
  • Life Events                                                                                                              More Info
  • Redundancy for Employees                                                                         More Info
  • Pension Course for Employees who have left Employment     More Info
  • Defined Benefit v Defined Contribution Pensions                         More Info
  • ePen - Pension Calculator
  • eLife - Life Cover Calculator
  • eInvest - Investment Calculator
  • eCat - Capital Acquisitions Tax Calculator
  • Online Fact Find Report
  • Automated Expenses Questionnaire
Buy Now - €197 / Month up to 100 Employees
Buy Now - €247 / Month 101 -250 Employees
Buy Now - €297 / Month 251 + Employees
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The Premier Financial Success Path Course Supports  your Employees  with their Personal Financial Plan at each stage of their Financial Journey


Premier Financial Success Path


  • Know your Money     More Info
  • Protect your Money  More Info
  • Grow your Money      More Info
  • Plan your Taxes
  • Plan your Retirement
  • Plan your Estate
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  • Only 2 in 10 employees are satisfied with the efforts of their employer in helping them manage their finances (Barclays YouGov Survey, 2017)
  • 38% of employees said they would move to a company which put financial wellbeing as a priority (Barclays YouGov Survey, 2017)
  • 32% of Londoners say that money distractions have caused them work issues (CIPD Outlook report, 2017)
  • 70% of the nation’s workforce admit to wasting a fifth of their time at work worrying about finances, costing the economy £120.7 billion a year. (Neyber’s DNA of Financial Wellbeing, 2016)
  • Employee Safety and Wellbeing will remain paramount post - Covid as some workers may remain working remotely




Premier Life

  • Helps Employees manage their Finances


  • Helps with staff retention where Financial wellbeing is important to Employees


  • Helps avoid work issues caused by money distractions


  • Helps to improve performance of your Employee by reducing time worrying about their finances 


  • Helps you provide a solution to your employees to assist with the negative impact of stress on mental health or wellbeing


Buy Now - €197 / Month
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The course is simple for your employees to follow and they can also assess what they have learned after each module. 

The video modules are designed to give you an insight into understanding your Financial Wellness needs.


Your employees will receive help in: 

Financial Planning
Retirement Planning
Life Events

Health & Fitness



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A simple approach that allows your employees to understand both financial and health wellness.

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Additional content and courses will be added at no extra cost.

Current Course value is €2,500 per employee




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