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Why should I invest?

A common problem for a lot of people is that they earn little or no interest on their saving accounts in banks or credit unions. 

In general most people want to  earn  more interest on their money and investments provide the possibility of that.

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How do I invest?

The first step to investing is deciding how much you want to invest. There are two options;  a lump sum investment or a monthly investment option. 

Lump sums generally come from a build up of savings or maybe from an inheritance and can  generally range from a few thousand euros up to hundred of thousands.

Regular investments can be looked at in a similar light to a regular savers account or a pension where you put in a set amount every month and over time investment growth  is accumulated. 

The second step is to talk to an advisor (hopefully us). An advisor will discuss your goals for your investments, perform a fact find and advise you on a investment portfolio that meets your attitude to risk.

The third step is to pick a fund to invest in. Funds generally have a risk levels ranked 1 to 7 with 1 being the least risky and 7 being the most risky. Funds that are less risky  will have a lower expected return  and funds with a higher risk rating will have a higher expected return. Your advisor will identify the fund most suitable to your investment goals.

Do you want to start investing?

If investing sounds like it could be for you and you want to learn more, then book a call with one of our advisors by clicking the button below. In the call our advisors will discuss all the options available to you and if you wish to proceed with an investment they will put everything in place.

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