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Meet The Financial Coach  

Mark Corkery is a Financial Coach whose goal is to improve everyone's ability to improve their Personal Finances 

Mark is an Accountant and Certified Financial Planner for over 20 years and his written a book on Financial Planning and created Online Financial Coaching and Education Courses 

When you work with Mark as a Financial Coach he guides you on how to have a successful financial future that you can implement yourself

Mark's role is to guide you with Simplicity, Accountability and Action


What Do you get from this course?


  • You get access to exclusive 1 to 1 coaching for a total of 4 hours while you're undertaking this course.


  • Mark will guide you throughout the process by setting out goals and targets for you to achieve.
  • Once you have completed this coaching course you will have all the information to allow Mark create your  personal financial plan.
  • As a bonus to this exclusive coaching you will also be given access to the Financial Success Path  an online course developed by the Financial Coach.
  • This course starts at the fundamentals of understanding your finances and brings you on a journey to advanced elements of financial management.
  • You'll learn to Know, Grow and Protect your money in this online interactive course that can be completed at any time.

What Happens in the 20 Minute Discovery Meeting?


  • We discuss your current financial frustrations
  • We look at your goals going forward 
  • The Financial Coach will advise if he can help with meeting any of your goals
  • If the coach can't help he will try to refer you to someone who can
  • You can agree on a program of coaching packages suitable to your budget
  • A time is set for your first coaching session
Book a Free 20 Minute Discovery Call

What Happens when I have booked Financial Coaching online?


  • You pay for the Financial Coaching course online
  • You book four coaching session dates with Mark
  • The "Financial Coaching course done for you" course is done over 6 weeks
  • Week 1 - Mark will forward you work to do to prepare for the first coaching session
  • Week 2 - We will have our first coaching session and review your financial information
  • Week 3 - Mark will forward you work to do for the next coaching session
  • Week 4 - In our second coaching session we discuss your goals and areas of your financial plan
  • Week 5 - Mark will Present you with your Lifetime Cashflow Financial Plan at the third coaching session 
  • Week 6 - The final meeting is an Implementation meeting in the fourth coaching session 
  • You will have access to the Financial Success Path online course



2011 - The New way of

Financial Planning

In 2011 the International Financial Planning Qualification Certified Financial Planner( CFP) was introduced in Ireland.

This qualification provided the exact framework I wanted to use with our clients to help them to understand how to plan for their financial future and also be prepared for downturns.

I started doing the CFP exams and qualified in 2014 and introduced Cashflow Financial Planning to our clients. 

What is included in the "Financial Success Path" course?

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is in your Lifetime Cashflow Financial Plan?


The Lifetime Cashflow Financial Plan has the following:

  • Net Worth Statement
  • Income Statement
  • Lifetime Cashflow based on Current Plan
  • Lifetime Cashflow based on New Proposed Plan
  • Several What if Scenarios
  • Reviews the effect of Illness or death on your plans
  • Consider investment growths rates needed to meet your Financial Plans
  • Plans  your retirement funding
  • Considers Tax Planning
  • Considers Estate Planning

How can you work with Mark?


7 Day Financial Basecamp Challenge 


Is a 7 day online assisted course to help you understand where your are financially today.




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21 Day Financial  Summit Challenge


 Is a 21 Day online assisted course to help you understand where you are financially today, where you want to get to in the future and creates the habits to get you there.



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Financial Coaching Done With You


If you would prefer to work with a Financial Coach you can book our 2 session financial coaching sessions to work with you to help you to prepare your own Financial Plan.


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Financial Coaching Done For You


If you want to work with a Financial Coach you can book our 4 session financial coaching sessions to work for you to prepare your own Cashflow Financial Plan.


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2020 - New Decade

New Financial Crisis

Again in 2020 we have another Financial Crisis and this time we had helped our clients have a long term view of their finances and the ups and downs that arise during life.

Over the last few years I noticed that the majority of people doing Financial Planning were starting in their 50's and had accumulated a reasonable amount of Financial Assets. 

I wanted to find a way that I could teach my knowledge of Financial Planning to a larger younger audience. So I set out to do this in a number of ways.

  • I wrote a book "Financial Planning is Simple It's Just Not Easy".
  • I created the Online Personal Financial Planning course called "The Financial Success Path".
  • In 2021 I decided to introduce the  "Financial Coach" services that provide guidance and support to you when you are preparing your own financial plans
Book a Free 20 Minute Discovery Call

What does a Financial Coach Do?


You become Aware of your current financial situation
The Financial Coach Assists you with your plans 
A Financial Coach makes you Accountable 

The Financial Coach Journey

2010 - In the Beginning

During the height of the last financial crash in 2010 I had started providing Financial Advice to customers.

I noticed that in most of the meetings during this time a lot of my clients said  "I wish I had been better prepared for this downturn in the economy".

Up until 2010 working as an accountant I spent most of my time looking backwards at my clients accounts for tax filing purposes. 

I began looking for better ways to help clients understand their financial future and plan better.