Personal Pension Explained

Pension Terminology

Risk Level – Each fund has a risk level attached to it which is a guide how risky the fund is. A higher number means a higher risk fund and a lower number means a lower risk fund. A higher risk fund will give you more potential for investment growth. The scale is generally 1 to 7.

Tax Relief – Is a tax deduction on your pension contributions. It is an incentive to encourage people to save into their pensions.

Contributions – These are the payments you pay into the pensions fund they can be made in lump sums or recurring monthly premiums.

What is a Personal Pension?

A Personal Pension is an account you can use to save for your retirement. You can make lump or recurring payments into a Personal Pension, and these are usually tax deductible. A Personal Pension can be invested into different types of funds with different risk levels (higher risk means a better chance of high returns but a higher chance of losing your money and lower risk means lower...

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