Financial Tips For 50 Year Old's

For most people by the time, they have reached 50 years of ages they have experienced most of their major expenses such as a mortgage, a wedding and having children. We’re not saying that all major expenses are now non-existent as you may still have children’s college expenses, a new car etc. Everyone is different and has different goals and responsibilities at different stages of life.

In this blog we’ve picked tips that we believe will be most relevant to people in their 50’s but if you don’t see what you’re looking for here be sure to look at our previous blogs. We’ve covered different milestones for different age categories throughout our previous blogs.


  1. Review Your Pension

The retirement age in Ireland to receive the state pension is currently set at 66 which if your currently 50 means you’ve about 16 years before you can claim it. If you do not have a private pension, it’s never too late to start to try and provide...

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