4 Financial Habits to start in your 20’s.......or any age

1. Budget

Perhaps the most obvious piece of advice, this is something many people avoid at all costs – literally. But creating a budget is nothing more than exerting your own control over the financial side of your life in a mindful way. Sit down with an excel spreadsheet (or any planner) and enter your costs and incomes, within an hour you’ll be done.

Don’t look at this as an exercise to limit yourself but rather to enable your future self.

2. Save (surprising tip)

Just 50% of Irish people save regularly. If you’re part of the 50% who don’t save regularly there’s no better time to start than the present. It doesn’t mean putting €500 a month away but rather put anything that you can afford away into a savings account. By getting into a routine of saving you can eventually begin to save more and more. Creating a good habit of saving is the hard part.

3. Set realistic goals

Setting high goals seems great in theory but much like a new...

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