The Importance of Employee awareness in the Redundancy Process – what you as an Employer can do

news Aug 28, 2020

Redundancy isn’t the most pleasant topic to discuss, but it is important.

Both Employers and Employees face making difficult decisions, sometimes these decisions have to be made within a very short timeframe and unfortunately, in the current climate it is becoming all too common that people are losing jobs and finding themselves plunged into the uncertainty that comes with this.

Employees who find themselves being made redundant can feel that they are in a lonely place and have nowhere to get information or advice. Employers have a duty of care and an obligation to ensure that all employees understand the redundancy process and know what their entitlements are. However, Employers may struggle to find a solution to how best address the needs of their employees at this difficult time.

We in Premier Financial have developed 4 online educational courses specifically tailored for Employees facing redundancy. This suite of products provides a cost-effective means of providing a redundancy programme to any size or category of workforce.

These courses, which can be provided by the Employer to the Employee provides the ideal solution to deliver an holistic approach to educate Employees through the redundancy process. The courses allow Employers the opportunity to make sure that Employees have the necessary knowledge to navigate the redundancy process without feeling they have been abandoned.

The 4 online courses are:

  • Redundancy & Termination Payments on leaving employment: (This course provides an overview of the tax treatment arising where an employee receives statutory redundancy or a termination payment)

  • Retirement Planning: (This course will give an employee guidance in the areas they should understand when planning for retirement)

  • Deferred Members Course for Employees: (The deferred members course will help employees understand the process of deferring a pension and what their best options are.)

  • Practical Mindfulness: (This Wellness programme, using simple meditation and mindfulness practices is designed to assist with reducing stress and worry).

If you require further information on our suite of educational courses or would like to see a practical demonstration of course content via a video link. Please contact Denis Murphy,

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 066 7185723 / 087 6815622


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