Expert Pensions - Premier Financial join nationwide group of Pension Experts

Premier Financial have recently joined a new nationwide group of pension experts that have been set up to improve access to expert pension advice across Ireland.

The Expert Pension's belief is you need "money to retire not age". Whether you have, had or need a pension, you should get the retirement plan that gives you the lifestyle that you want in retirement.

Being part of the group we provide Pension Retirement Plans by using cashflow modelling. Our financial plan is called Premier Financial Plan.

Premier Financial Plan helps you get a deep understanding of your current financial situation, identifies your future cashflow requirements and gives you a clear plan how to achieve this.

We have an 8 step process that is designed to make preparing a financial plan for your future simple. If you want to learn more you can read more about the Premier Financial Plan on our website at this link Premier Financial Plan .

A pension is the most tax efficient asset that you can ever have. 

You need to understand your pension so that you can make the right decisions to maximise your pension pot to give you the lifestyle you want.

Pension Charging structures and investment strategies are the two main driving forces that define the value of your pension in retirement.

If you currently have a pension do you know the following:

  • What is the charging structure?
  • What are your Annual Management Charges?
  • Do the Annual Management Charges reflect the total costs,(Total Expense Ratio TER) or are there other costs?
  • Do you understand where your pension funds are invested?
  • Do these investment funds reflect your personal financial goals?
  • Will you have enough to retire?

If you had an old workplace pension do you know the following:

  • What is the charging structure?
  • Where your money is invested?
  • Do you understand when you can access your old employment pension ?
  • Does the pension scheme provider gives you a personalised financial review each year?

Do I need a pension?

  • Could you survive on €243.80 a week in retirement?
  • Do you understand all your options?
  • Are you aware of all the pension tax benefits that you can get?

If you have a pension, had a pension or need a pension why not contact one of our Retirement Planning advisors to get started with a plan for your future!

Philip Sicat              [email protected]

Colette Clohessy    [email protected]





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